Celebrating life’s milestones is no longer reserved for birthdays and anniversaries that end in a five or a zero.  More and more clients are choosing to celebrate any notable milestone.  They are taking the time to mark significant moments, professional achievements, and events both large and small in their lives and the lives of those they love.  And to celebrate those moments, people continue to turn to jewelry.   More specifically, unique pieces of jewelry that create memories that will last a lifetime.  At Universal Diamonds, we are in the celebration business.  And right now, we are seeing some fascinating trends in finding unique ways to celebrate.

Some unique trends include pieces that take the traditional and add a bit of modern flair—jewelry that focuses less on the norm and more on the wearer’s personality.  Clients are seeking out everything from two-stone rings to colored stones.  They are setting stones in unconventional ways.  They pair colored stones like sapphires and green emeralds with diamonds or design pieces traditionally made with all diamonds but now make them entirely out of their colored stone of choice.  Jewelry clients are finding ways to add their personality to everything they wear and how they wear it.  So that means combining and stacking pieces in new and different ways.  They are passing on the need for everything to match and instead choosing combinations that make a statement.  They are placing antique-style stones in modern settings, thinking outside the traditional when it comes to pairing pieces.  Everything isn’t matching anymore.  It is about the wearing and what works for them.

Because of these trends in unique pieces, clients are moving away from the traditional jewelry store and looking for someone to guide them through designing the “right” piece for them.  Someone that can help them bring their ideas to life.

At Universal Diamonds, we have spent more than 40 years helping our clients create pieces that will transcend time.  We walk you through the process of creating your piece.  We pride ourselves on creating an experience that combines our expertise with your vision.  Not only do we ensure you have access to the best stones available, but every step in our simple and straightforward process also has a purpose, so we don’t waste time while ensuring you get what you want.  The process is enjoyable, and you will be surprised at how easy it will be.  Sophistication, elegance, timelessness – that’s what we do!